Real Estate Photo Examples

Real Estate Photography from Gold Sun Studios

 We service the Austin and surrounding areas.  We provide fast, friendly and reliable services.  Easy Scheduling, quick turnaround time, Professional images.  We have several “lenses” including a 10-18mm  Wide Angle Lens.  We use high quality professional software for the editing.  Upon request we are happy to photograph the neighborhood and amenities.  We cover the interior and exterior. 
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We offer 3 Real Estate Photography Packages:

 Package A )   0-1499 Sq Ft. House -            $60.00 –    25-35 Images
 Package B)    1500-3,000 Sq Ft. House -   $75.00 ­-     35-45 Images 

 Package C)    3001-4500 Sq Ft. House -   $100.00 –   40-50Images

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