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Mark and Allison Stephens have been taking pictures for years, having started the photography business in 2013.  Allison  grew up in a Cary, North Carolina.  Spending  her youth swimming on her school and neighborhood swim team, playing piano and flute.  She also loved to travel down to the NC coast -Emerald Isle NC where her parents owned a home.  After getting married in NC and starting her family she moved to South Florida. Where she was a fitness instructor for several years.   Allison and her daughters loved the Florida lifestyle.   A job transfer took them to Austin, Texas where she felt right at home with her new Texas neighbors and friends.  In 2018 Allison and Mark came to Clearwater and welcome the Florida Vibes.  Florida Life agrees with them.   They still do a lot of business in Austin and travel back to Texas monthly. They also travel far and wide for Destination Wedding Photography.  

Allison loves showing expressions and emotions through wedding and portrait images.  She works full time at Gold Sun Studios keeping busy doing edits during the week and anxiously awaiting their next clients. 

Mark grew up in Southern California.  Mark enjoyed hiking the California terrain and riding his mountain bike on the LA fire roads.  He would often spend his whole day out in the open space  of Ventura County,  always  with a camera strapped to his back.  Another passions of Marks is singing.  He is a trained Baritone and has sung in many Coral Groups.  Mark also plays the piano and drums.  He loves going out and hearing live Jazz.  Adding Officiant to his resume has been a very fulfilling journey.  Marrying couples all over the US.  A huge thrill this year was performing a ceremony on the rocky black sand beach in Hawaii.  Mark earned his MBA from California and works in Sales, but he is most happy behind the lens.  Mark is passionate about getting that perfect landscape shot that conveys meaning and memory.  Ask Mark about his landscape art that is for sale on this site. Prints, Metal or Canvas. 

We'd love the opportunity to be your photographer.  We travel all over for photography and plan on capturing memories of our fabulous clients for the rest of our lives. 

Gold Sun Studios is highly rated for Wedding, Portrait and Landscape Photography. Enjoy our galleries of Wedding, Portrait, and Landscape examples. We also offer Wedding Officiant Services, as well as a wide variety of wedding packages. Feel free to contact us for all of your photo needs.


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