Outdoor Photography

1hr Sessions 

2-19 People  $300

Multiple Families Together (are okay)


Thank you for your interest in our Outdoor Photo Sessions!

This pkg. is for one hour: The Price is $300

We have a knack for getting the best expressions out of our clients faces, using the natural beauty around us combined with our enjoyment of you! The following elements are included w/ all sessions. 

*      1 Hour professional photography session $300

*        Includes: approximately 300  Proofs for you to view online and keep 

*        35 images of your choice,  edited,  high resolution

*       All 35 final images you choose will come in B&W  and Color  (70 images)          

*       You keep all proofs- Proofs are not watermarked & downloadable  

*       The Proof Gallery is "unedited" no watermarks -For your memories  

*     Proofs go in a private  gallery &  are sent to you in 24-48hrs (about 300)        

*       You email us the image # 's  for your favorite 35 photos (the ones I edit)

         There will be two  (2) galleries during this process. 

*       1st-   is your proofs gallery- I send within 24-48hours of about 300 photos 

*       2nd -is the photos you chose for me to edit. "Final Gallery" (35 favorites done in color and B&W for a total of 70 final images        

*       All images/both galleries  are:  downloadable/print release/shareable 

*       You may print all your photos yourself -anywhere

*       All photos are in a digital download from a private gallery on our website: this means you can use your mobile device to view and access all your photos.  You will go to our website/ use your password/ and view your gallery anytime.

*      You may have 2-19People in your photo session

*       As part of your session:   I will do variations w/group. 

                         No extra cost - For example: kids only, couples only, etc. It is ok with me if you all want to do a "change of clothes" or a quick shirt change.  Feel Free to bring any props you would like.  Such as: Beach Hats, Balloons...etc....

*       The "35" Final Images take anywhere from 5-20 days for me to edit

*       I  thoroughly edited and airbrush your  photos .  This takes me longer than the average photographer.  I work hard to get all swimmers, walkers and just general people out of your photo (if I can-I will)    My pricing is right in the middle.   I am not the lowest price photographer on the beach nor the highest. 

*      The proof gallery is unedited but they are yours and downloadable for your memories.  You will pick your 35 favorite images and email me those image #'s   I will take my time editing those 35 favorites.  Then create a 2nd Finals Gallery online for your photos. These are the ones you will want to print.  We do not do any printing.   (We used to but our LAB was raising prices and it seemed as though we were too high for prints)

Each of your 35 Final Images will come to you in a color version and a Black& White version.  That is at least 70 Final Images you will get...plus more.... I always add more for fun. 

*      We only keep them on our website for 30 days Make sure you download 

*      We do not include a USB  or CD -instead we provide an online gallery for you in -high resolution.  Please don't forget to download your FINAL GALLERY with in 30 days

*      Just a side note:  The proof gallery as stated contains around 300 photos for the one hour session.  I do not put my company water mark on your proofs.  This is so you can download them and do some edits yourself.  I still Edit your 35 final choices.  However....I want you to have the proofs.  Many of us now can do fun editing with our cell phones or Apps available on line.  I do not wish to charge my clients more...for more digital photos.  

We Occasionally use photos for marketing our business.  Please let us know in advance if you do not wish your photos to be used. 


Early Morning Session-(9:00am) $200

If you are interested in a non sunset photo session.  I offer one at 9:00 am in Clearwater Beach or Indian Rocks Beach.  Everything in the above package applies to the morning session.  The cost is less because it is not during sunset. 

We require a $50 deposit

*Deposit $50 due asap

Final Balance due day of  photo session

Once your deposit is received your session is confirmed

Deposits are non-refundable (Final Balances are refundable)

This is because we stay well booked and someone else may have wanted your photo session time. 



* Venmo payments to:

GOLD SUN STUDIOS Allison (Allison-Stephens-7)

* PayPal https://www.paypal.me/GoldSunStudios

* Zelle, pls ask us for the Zelle info and we will send that to you asap



Rain can be a challenge when planning a photo session.  

Deposit/Payments and RAIN.  I refund in full due to rain. 

Now, about the rain:   It is very unpredictable.  It can be raining in St.Pete and Sunny and beautiful in Clearwater.  It can also rain like crazy at 6pm and be bright and dry at 6:30pm

Here in Florida you just have to go on with your plans as usual and not think too much about the rain.  With the rain and rescheduling  it  is very hard to do as I stay very booked and usually do not have another day open.   You will only have two options.  

1.  Reschedule the session -this is a hard one b/c I stay pretty booked up

2.  Embrace the rain 

What does that mean? Embracing the rain.  I do a lot of sessions on the beach where the rain is coming/ its cloudy and the sky is gray.  THEN it passes and goes north at the last minute.  So bring your umbrellas, tell everyone in your group the Gulf Waters are beautiful rain or shine. 

I have done many sessions where it starts off drizzling......then by the end of the session it has stopped and it is gorgeous. 

BUT Please ---Don't forget your umbrella.  This is more about keeping rain drops off your clothes if you are wearing a solid color. 

In a nutshell: keep your scheduled session.  Prepare for it by possibly requesting it to be moved up an hour.  You may not get a sunset-but you will still get beach photos.  Even if it looks questionable-bring a few umbrellas. 

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