Rain Policy

Rain can be a challenge when planning a photo session!

Deposit/Payments and RAIN. I refund in full due to rain.

Now, about the rain: It is very unpredictable. It can be raining in St. Pete and sunny and beautiful in Clearwater. It can also rain like crazy at 6pm and be bright and dry at 6:30pm.

Here in Florida you just have to go on with your plans as usual and not think too much about the rain. With the rain and rescheduling it is very hard to do as I stay very booked and usually do not have another day open. You will only have two options.

1. Reschedule the session -this is a hard one b/c I stay pretty booked up

2. Embrace the rain

What does that mean? Embracing the rain. I do a lot of sessions on the beach where the rain is coming/ its cloudy and the sky is gray. THEN it passes and goes north at the last minute. So bring your umbrellas, tell everyone in your group the Gulf Waters are beautiful rain or shine.

I have done many sessions where it starts off drizzling then by the end of the session it has stopped and it is gorgeous.

BUT Please ---Don't forget your umbrella. This is more about keeping rain drops off your clothes if you are wearing a solid color.

In a nutshell: keep your scheduled session. Prepare for it by possibly requesting it to be moved up an hour. You may not get a sunset-but you will still get beach photos. Even if it looks questionable-bring a few umbrellas.

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